About Ronni Shendar

Live video
Joint A/V performance with Glitterbug

It's difficult to stay indifferent to Israeli photographer and video artist Ronni Shendar's stunning cinematic live video performance.

Distant landscapes, abstract road travels and wide horizons unfold slowly in a mesmerizing passage. The borders between elements of feature, documentary and processed footage become blurry and create an altered mirror of reality. Time shifted movement brings previously unrevealed details to life, colors trick the eye and gestures are magnified to make seemingly familiar imagery into a touching new encounter.

In their joint A/V live performance, Shendar brings an entirely new dimension to glitterbug's live performance. Drawing from the moods and concepts of his internationally celebrated 'Privilege' album, dealing in parts with forlorn utopias, refuge and hope, Shendar added her own perspective to amount a bridge between their two diverging means of expression.

Ronni Shendar is a creature of contexts, subcontext and adapting aesthetics in multiple artistic mediums.

Her works have been presented in exhibitions and festivals internationally, among them the Festival de Cannes, the Jewish Museum of Frankfurt and endless independent and permanent spaces and galleries.

Website: www.ronni-shendar.com