About 'Privilege'

The most intriguing and exciting undertaking of the flourishing Glitterbug, is his breathtaking new double-CD album ‘Privilege’. Scheduled for release May 17th, 2010, ‘Privilege’ is a milestone that continues Glitterbug’s line of venturous sounds and overflowing inspirations, exploring and uncovering the new frontiers of techno.

Glitterbug’s debut album ‘Supershelter’ (Oct. 2008) made huge waves across music critics, magazines and fans around the globe. His following EP ‘Dim Flares’ and remixes kept unraveling his musical surprises and an unmatched sound of an epic Glitterbug world.

‘Privilege’ is an emotional and passionate production, and Glitterbug’s sensitivity to sounds keeps unraveling and revealing a unique language that spans between abstract composition, ambient, pop music, and the one ingredient that binds it all: Techno.

With ‘Privilege’, Glitterbug takes the listener on a journey to explore new terrains, inverted and unconditional, drawing the full attention of every nerve and sense. If ‘Supershelter’, was still searching for a refuge, ‘Privilege’ goes farther, to explore alternative prospective landscapes, uncharted territories of unearthly lands.

‘Privilege’ was produced partly in Glitterbug’s Cologne recording studio and partly “on the road” during his international performance tours in 2009 between the Arctic Circle, southern India, Israel, Europe and China (and everywhere in between). Fragments of field recordings he took in these places appear in many of the tracks, some are apparent, others very subtle.

Despite its epic playtime, ‘Privilege’ never feels lengthy, perhaps because of its inverted genuine celebration of the sole opportunities of its own existence:

“'Privilege’ deals with the fortune of living out a dream in a world that does not grant all people with the same opportunities. Over the last year I had the fortune to visit places around the globe in which I felt the obscene wealth of opportunities I have in life. It’s hard to bear that the majority of humanity will never have the chance to even dream of who and what they could have been.” (Glitterbug about his new album)

Accompanying the CD release, is a stunning booklet by internationally acclaimed Israeli visual artist and photographer, Ronni Shendar, also Glitterbug’s visual partner for most of his live performance. Shendar’s photos and artwork are perfectly mirroring the album’s foreign terrains of blurring and desolate horizons.